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RV Buyers Phoenix

We buy Almost any Used, Old, Junk, or Worn-out RV in the Phoenix area. We are RV Buyers Phoenix.

RV Buyers Phoenix
We buy used RVs – any age or condition – for Top Dollar

We buy nice RVs and Ugly RVs!  We buy ’em all!  
Give Abel or Harry a call at 844-511-5350, and tell us about your rig!
Send a few photographs to us, and within with the day, we’ll give you a solid offer for your rig.

Who Buys RVs in Phoenix

We buy Call us, and let’s work out a deal that suits you!
We will come to you anywhere in the metropolitan Phoenix area, ready to make you happy!

Old RVs

RV Buyers Phoenix
Airstream RV Travel Trailer 1989 – Still has value!
  • Is it time to sell that 5th wheel, camper, motorhome or travel trailer that has not been used for a few years or more?
  • Are you looking at trailer repairs that could cost you thousands of dollars?
  • Do you see minor body damage on your Class A RV?
  • Do you see water / roof leaks inside of your camper?
  • Is the interior of your bumper trailer dated or worn?

For more information, and a friendly chat, Call 844-511-5350 – Tell Abel or Harry about your RV!  Tell us about your Vintage RV

RV Buyers Phoenix
We will Buy Any RV in Phoenix

Sell My RV Phoenix

No, we are not a local RV dealer. We are a well capitalized (we have money to buy your unit with cash) family operation.  We are the local “sell buy RV” authority in the Phoenix area.

  • We come to you anywhere in Phoenix.
  • We will buy most RVs in Good condition or even Poor condition. at Sell my RV Phoenix
  • Small problems are Okay!   CLICK Here to Call us!

RV Trader

If you want to upgrade or downgrade your your current RV,
Call 844-511-5350 – Abel or Harry.
We may be able to help you get into your next RV with a bigger down payment!
We help you trade RVs: RV Buyers Phoenix!
At RV Buyers Phoenix, we want you to get a good deal!

RV Consignment Phoenix

What is RV Consignment

  • Consignment is an agreement or arrangement where the owner of a Recreational vehicle delivers the RV to a third party, such as a dealer, wholesaler, or consignment specialist.
  • The third party (the consignment seller) is now in possession unit, but not the ownership of the RV. The third party then markets the RV,
  • handles the telephone calls and emails,
  • shows the RV to prospective buyers,

    RV Consignment Phoenix
    RV Consignment – Sell your RV Today
  • makes the sale,
  • sets up the financing (if needed),
  • handles the title change and paperwork, and
  • the delivers of the RV to its new owners.

The consignment seller has earned a commission in the area of 10% to 20% of the sales price.
When transaction is completed, the original owner gets a check for a predetermined amount of money for the sale (which will include deductions of the sales expenses, taxes, and other third-party fees).

Depending on the season and current economic conditions, this process can take 14 to 90 days or more to complete.

During this time, the current owner is responsible for keeping the vehicle licensed and insured. Also, this recreational vehicle may require additional maintenance or upkeep during this time period.

At RV Consignment Phoenix – If you find a Better offer, let us Know!
(We will buy your RV for cash, today! Click to call Abel and Harry)

How to get the most money for your RV

  • Thoroughly clean your RV. The exterior, the windows and doors, the upholstery, the floor, the engine compartment, the storage areas, the stove, the refrigerator, etc.
  • Repair and fix any small problems such as sagging drawers, loose hinges, nonworking lighting, broken windows/glass, worn seat cushions, upholstery and window treatments, and audio/video / communications equipment, roof leaks, squeaks, heating/cooling system, etc.
    RV Consignment Phoenix
    The Arizona Sun and heat – beating up a once nice motorhome. RV Consignment Phoenix

    Get the vehicle tuned up and the oil changed.  Check and repair the brakes, batteries, filters, tires, etc. and service these items as needed.

  • Spend some money on accessories to improve the appearance of your RV. Placemats, step rugs, bedding, water and sewage hoses, small wall hangings, drapes, and matching small pillows will add extra value to your recreational vehicle’s appearance.

Who Buys Used RVs near me

If you don’t want the hassle of going through the RV Consignment process, try the “Sell My RV for Cash” method.
Click to call. We will come to you, anywhere in the Phoenix area, with a top-dollar cash offer!
Cash in hand, or check – your choice.

Usually, most transactions are completed within one or two days from the time you contact us!